Jiu-Jitsu Programs

Adult Jiu-Jitsu


Our curriculum-based instruction includes beginner-level, advanced-level, and mixed-level classes.


Learning solid fundamentals are the most important classes you can take in any martial art. Our fundamentals program, which is curriculum driven, makes sure you learn all of the techniques necessary for self defense in every aspect of fighting.


The advanced program is a mix between self defense and the sport techniques of today. We understand that most people take a martial art to learn self defense. Once this objective is achieved often times they would like to pursue testing themselves in a competitive environment. This class gives you the best of both worlds.


Slap. Bump. Roll.


Specific training will help you really take your game to the next level. We work on high rep movements or “threads” that will allow muscle memory to take over. This class is fast paced and intense. If you are ready to take your game to a whole new level this is for you.

Youth Jiu-Jitsu


The life-lessons that a martial art provides (especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is one of the best gifts you can give a child. From personal growth and strong self esteem, to positive social interaction and non-aggressive self-defense, learning a martial art will impact every area of their life, for the rest of their life.

LITTLES (ages 4-7)

The kids curriculum is built off the same movements and techniques as the adults. The difference is we refine the number of moves that the kids learn to help them become as effective at self defense as they can while still having fun and building their self confidence and esteem

YOUTH (ages 8-12)

For the older kids we begin to work on their effective application of the moves and deepen their number of techniques. They also learn skills and develop understanding on become positive community members when outside of class.

YOUTH (ages 13-16)

The youth program is designed to give your child all of the necessary skills and abilities to defend themselves in any situation. Here we focus on fully understanding the techniques, when the best time to apply the technique and making sure the child is ready to move up to the adult classes once they turn 16.

FREE 6-WEEK Kids BJJ Bootcamp

Talking to your kids about bullies is great. Teaching your kids effective non-aggressive techniques to stop bullying is BETTER.  Taking part in our FREE Kids BJJ Bootcamp will expose your child to effective self defense techniques and tactics that will last them a lifetime.  If you are considering enrolling your child this is a great no risk way to test drive our classes.

Private Lessons


While group classes are the primary way most people learn and advance in jiujitsu, some people prefer to begin or supplement their training with private lessons. Private lessons are a great way to accelerate your learning and effectiveness.